October 2023   - Life is meaningful !


Think of your life in terms of Quality - if you have a sense of wellbeing how does your attitude to work look like? how does does it reflect

on your relationshsips whenhen you wake up with a feeling of gratitude and wellness ?

When challenges happen how do you roll or flow ?

For me it is a state of readyness a state of awareness .

Mental wellbeing is so important it's a state where you are able to learn from the challenges of your life become aware what no longer serves you and be willing to let go of it.

No one can change the past - it is what it is.  But we certainly have a hell lot of impact on how we create our future.

Conscious living and conscious awareness of what we are doing right now and conscious planning what we want to happen is a important part of a meaningful life.

A very wise friend  of mine often says ,

"It is how we think,  how we love, how we eat how we dance ."

Here at my clinic I love to look at all aspects of life.

This month I choose to watch a webinar for Iridology practtioners on the signs of Cardio vascular risk .

You will be blown away by the discoveries I made  I promise I will talk more soon.


February 2024  

How are you ?  Today I will talk to you about  how a heart problem can have more to it such as the physcial problems. 

In a lot of cases histories, it has been discovered that there is a " broken heart " behind.

Are you surprised ?

Can emotions rule your Body ? 

Emotions feelings are not only in your head they create your life, your health as well.  Stress in any form has impact on all your organs and the functions of your body.

You may have realised when a child says it has tummy aches but in actual fact it misses the mummy or dad.

Or when you are stressed suddenly you have no time anymore to do the cooking the shopping. You don't care so much anymore what you eat, as emotions take over.

Our body is a unique and amazing machinery and your mind your awareness your present awareness is the Master of it all.

Are you aware of your biggest problem right now ?

Is it the your arm , your leg .......... why you lost that last Tennis match  - or was it your mind who was occupied with a problem in your family

This any many other questions are to be discovered - an open mind and  being truthful to yourself may help you discover more then you may know right now.






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