Hormones and the Endocine Problems


Endocrine Problems.

Thyroid   disorders.

When your Thyroid hormones are out of balance - so are you.
Your Thyroid is responsible to produce the master metabolism hormones that controll every function in your body.
Are you having trouble with your weight?  abnormal sweating or feeling cold all the time?
Low energy, fatigue, depression     these are all question wich will be adressed.

If everything is working properly, you will make what you need and have the correct amounts of T3 and T4, which control the metabolism of every cell in your body. If your T3 is inadequate, either by scarce production or not converting properly from T4, your whole system suffers. T3 is critically important because it tells the nucleus of your cells to send messages to your DNA to rev up your metabolism by burning fat. This is how T3 lowers cholesterol levels, regrows hair, and helps keep you lean.

Your T3 levels can be disrupted by nutritional imbalances, toxins, allergens, infections, and stress, and this lead to a series of complications, including thyroid cancer, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism, which today are three of the most prevalent thyroid-related diseases.

We have successful treated Graves and Hashimotos who had ongoing problems while still on medication or in other cases where it was not even detected yet.

Female and Male  Sex Hormones.

Sex hormones are one of the major Hormones which suffer severe when you are under Stress .
Sex hormones play a role in Fertility in Female and Male.

Your monthly Menstruation , Pregnancy , Miscarriage is depending on your Hormone balance.
Poly cystic ovaries, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Breast lumps , Prostate problems in Male and hormone derived Cancers all Hormonal imbalances.

Menopausal  problems such as hot flushes and lowered Sexdrive are all going into this category.

Not only do your eyes reveal when there is an imbalance , most time you know as well something is not right. You may have had blood test and nothing showed up ... and believe me there is more to it..... it is not in your head.
We are going to take it a step further. Functional Hormone testing is a great tool where we can help you with much accuracy to get things back on track
You do not need to suffer ... we can help you to feel good again.


Adrenal and Stress 

Are you switched on at night and can't sleep or / and suffer Day time fatigue ?

Yes your Adrenal gland may be overwhelmed and exhausted by long term stress or current severe stress impact........or chronic  pain which can also affecting your moods too.

Again Your eyes will reveal......... many answers are instantly found when we take photos of your iris and Sclera.    Not good enough. ......... yes I will question you.......... biochemistry knowledge and knowing the pathway will give us clues how we need to go from here.
Still not satisfied ? Yes we can organise functional testing at one of our laboratories here in Australia.  Most test you can do at home.....via a urine test or soliver testing......... if we need blood that can be taken at any of the general Patholgy centers close to you.
We get the results and a plan will be established how we over come the problem.
Depending on your needs you can then see us every 14 days or monthly until you are happy with the results and then you will go on Maintenance   just come every 3 or 6 month for check up like you do with any other health issues.

Depression , Anxiety, Mood disorders. ( Neurotransmitters )

This is one of my special interest and latest updated  treatment protocol.
Here at VMK we can help you on many levels.
a.  Neurotransmitter  -   via Laboratory testing  or on line Questionnaires
b.  Life style changes and strategic intervention techniques
c.  Diet and Nutrition
d.  Pyrrole and MTHFR  testing.   ( it affects your mood, hormones, it controls your stress, growth hormone ........ so many things in your body. )

Most of your serotonin and Gaba production happens in the gut....... the feel good hormones are produced by adequate levels of Amino Acids and various other Vitamins   specially B 6 and B12 and Magnesium are necessary to gain your momentum. So any gut problem , nutrient deficiency have a enormous effect on your brain function.

Over weight  - Fat loss needed.

Weight Loss Program that fits YOU 

You may have  tried countless weight loss diets but failed to get results?
Ever wondered why weight loss diets are so unsuccessful for some people and others get good results?

We know how to turn on your body's natural fat burning process.
VMK offers a professional individualised weight management program to enable you to successfully lose weight and keep it off

Most often there is more to it then just what you eat or not eat.  Let us have a look at your lifestyle your health and how it impacts on your weight.
Hormone problems , Thyroid imbalance, Pharmaceutical Medication, Leaky Gut , Food intolerance there are many factors which can make life hell for you.

It is our job to find out what is blocking you.
Don't wait  - You can do it  - Now.


Why Detoxification?
Have you tried loosing weight and you came to a platteau  and nothing happens anymore?
Do you suffer from chronic headache ?
Do you feel sluggish and lost your "Zang"?
Do you suffer from Poly cystic ovaries ?
Do you feel tired and fatigue and you want to do it but fail every day.........
Do you work with chemicals or in a toxic environment..  inhale  chemicals on a regular bases...... and despite good eating  you do not feel well?

Yes it does not harm anyone to do a Detox at least once a year......... You will feel better no doubt.
I am not talking here about the little detox Packs you buy at your chemist or Health food shop I am talking here professional supervised Detox.

Yes we can arrange a complete Detoxification Profile  and find out which part of your liver function is working and  which not.

This test is unlike standard liver function tests which only provide a measure of hepatic damage (released hepatic enzyme levels). In contrast, the liver detoxification test is a true functional test as it evaluates the ability of an individual to process caffeine, aspirin (salicylate) and paracetamol (acetaminophen) by assessing certain metabolites in salivary and urinary specimens. Specific measurements of the different phases of liver detoxification including phase I and phase II (glycination, glucuronidation, sulphation and glutathionylation) are obtained, guiding the design of effective and specific therapeutic strategies which can optimise liver function.

Common Conditions:

  • Autism
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Food intolerances
  • Headaches
  • Multiple chemical sensitivities
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Multiple drug therapy