Integrated Health care in North Brisbane & Redcliffe Peninsula



About the Naturopath

My name is Veronika Kimmich and I am a certified NaturopathMedical Herbalist, Health Educator and Motivator in functional complementary Health for the last 33 years.  I have been certified by the International Iridology Practitioner Association IIPA as an active member.

I am also a Mum  of 2 adult boys and a Grandmother. Family means everything to me.

Prior to my emigration to Australia, I worked as a Physiotherapist in a hospital, a Rehabilitation Centre and also in a private practice in Germany.

'I believe that achieving a high level of health and wellbeing is a journey that we can take collaboratively to get to the root cause, that allows the body and mind to heal, and the individual becomes a vital and thriving human being.' 

I am proud to work with well known functional medicine laboratories such as NutriPATH and RN Labs for further investigation into your health concerns and assist with the interpretation and understanding of the test-results.

I love complex cases and I am well known for going that extra mile to help and support my clients.

My additional training with Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madane is a great tool to empower you, my client to overcome and understand inner conflict and recognising what is holding you back due to your believesystem.

On a regular basis,  I attend research forums with the world's leading suppliers and educators in functional medicine and health.

These forums ensure that you can benefit from the latest industry developments and that you got a health care practitioner that is up to date with current developements.

I am looking forward working with you soon.