Iridology & Sclerology in North Brisbane & Redcliffe Peninsula


Iridology can be used to determine potential health problems at the earliest stage. It gives you an opportunity to prevent illness and maintain your wellness at an optimum level.

An iridology assessment requires specialized skills that takes many years to develop;  This is often enhanced by the experience and knowledge of the practitioner.

You will get an overview of your health and will see within the first consultation, which functions of your body and which organ system are under stress or genetic  weak.

The sclera, the white of the eyes, another system gives you further insight where urgent attention is needed .

The sclera tells, f there are bacteria  , virus or fungual components. The length and shape of the blood vessels gives as also furhter insight into what is happening and where.

We can  pin-point specific health concerns and look deeper into the function and biochemestry of it.

You will be amazed how acurate the findings are.

You could say it provides a remarkable insight into your health condition.

Iridology  has been used in Russia in hospitals for many years.

Sclerology goes back to the American Red Indian Medicin man, where they found drawings of the sclera and their markers were found .

Thanks to Dr Leonard Mehlmauer  US  the system has been updated and is still under research up till today. More and more discoveries are made.  Optometrists start to get interest and some have also confirmed and agree with our findings after all.

Some of my clients have been in tears as they were so happy that finally someone could explain, their pain, their discomfort and that they are not hyperchondriac as been told. Some of my clients had neoplastic markers and I refered them to their Medical team.  There are some amazing stories, which I am very proud of and If I had to choose  again I would not do anything different.

For me, Iridology is the Love of my Life.


An explanation of Iridology and Sclerology by my Mentor and teacher Leonard Mehlmauer US 




Sclerology is the art and science of observing markings and colourings in the whites of the eyes (sclera) as indictors of health and disease (as pathology).

The red lines and other markings and colorings in the whites of the eyes actually correspond to real conditions within the body.

Sclerology is therefore a means of looking into a person's eyes to see what is happening with his/her health, to get a sense of what is most pathologically important. It shows exactly where the highest stress and congestion are located and where they are coming from, how much of the stress is emotional, how much physical and how much both combined.

Sclerology is a way of viewing inherited tendencies to weakness and of seeing various disease processes.