Herbal Dispensary in North Brisbane &Redcliffe Peninsula

Herbs and Herbal Tonics In North Brisbane and the Peninsula

Herbal Medicine is the oldest and still widely used system of Medicine in the world today.

Western Herbal Medicine is made exclusively from plants and therefore have a great absorption and a wide range of benefits to various organs and functions. The significance of medial plant ins sustainable human health cannot be denied.  Medical plants do have healing and therapeutic properties and become more and more popular as people experience the health benefits and often get it confirmed when follow up with their regular care taker.

Herbalism today is based on trialled and tested evidence. A key feature of herbalism is to support and modify disturbed body function.

Herbal Medicine is validated by scientific investigation which seeks to understand the active chemistry of the plant.

Modern pharmaceuticals have derived from phytochemicals found in plants. Increasing research on Herbal Medicine demonstrates that liquid botanicals play a critical role before, during and after a diagnosis of cancer.

Quality controlled herbs of high standard can only be suspended by a qualified Herbalist which has done extensive training over 4 years.

Purchasing from VMK's dispensary.
Following your appointment you may be prescribed various supplements or Herbal tonics. You will typically be supplied with enough medicines to last you till your next appointment as tre

atment programs are regularly updated and modified to your needs.

From time to time, patients may require additional supply between appointments.

VMK has an easy courier system for their delivery. Please note that 24 hours’ notice is required when placing an order to ensure adequate preparation time. Credit card details are also required to organise this service.