Customer Reviews Of VMK Naturopath

Customer Reviews Of VMK Naturopath

Veronika has been my Naturopath for 13 years. I credit her with helping us create our two healthy children! Her herbal medicines and prescriptions regarding diet and supplements are the only thing that ease my severe fatigue and my husband's yearly bouts of bronchial Asthma and pneumonia.

Veronika's consultations regularly help maintain our children's health/sleeping patterns - our five year old has never been on antibiotics and neither have ever been hospitalised/suffered severe viral infections. I don't know what I'd do without her trustworthy and logical advice.”

Teena G

I've attached our announcement of our bub. Still ended up being induced, but labour was very smooth, bub is very calm and relaxed and breast feeding is going tremendously!

The Arrival of Amirah - Melanie

Sick for 20 years I'd almost given up when my husband suggested I visit the Naturopath next door, as I had nothing to loose. Veronika changed my life! After 10 years of endless medical visits. Veronika picked it in the first 5 minutes of seeing me. I was so happy and angry at the same time since I had been fighting illness for so many years. She is truly amazing.

Romana McCall - Eye sight has completely restored according to her optometrist in 2008

“I stumbled across Veronika quite by accident initially, though the last 4 years that she has been my Naturopath has been very purposeful! I was a mess when I met Veronika suffering with depression, Candida in the gut and I was just so tired and overweight I felt miserable! Veronika was swift with her assessment of my issues and strategically set about addressing each of them. I went from feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, to feeling on top of the world again, and my entire life turned around over a 6 month period. I had been suffering like this for 5 years and in just 6 months, I was back to my old self again, though this time I had more energy and more clarity. I see Veronika now for my ‘refuelling’ and maintenance and I can honestly say that I believe she is the GURU in her field!! No one cares more than Veronika and no one has been able to transform my life like she has. I recommend Veronika and her expertise to EVERYONE!!! With Veronika on my side, I can achieve ANYTHING!!!!!"

Carren Smith

MNLPP Entrepreneur and Seminar Trainer, The Art of Public Speaking

From a lung cancer client who just undergone Chemo and parallell visited the clinic and made drastic changes :Hi Veronika, just wanted to let you know the tumour has shrunk of the aretery and the top of my left lung has re-inflated working once again.Thanks to all our good work and herbs, so thank you for all your input. Makes life worth while. 


I am so, so thankful for the work and genuine care Veronika has put into my health journey. After over a decade of gut issues, hormone imbalances, and general health and wellness concerns, I am finally feeling satisfied with my recovery, have more energy than I ever have had, and finally have full trust in someone to support my overall well-being. Thanks Veronika, you're amazing!

Jacinta L.

Dear Veronika,

My life has changed and I cannot be thankful enough for your guidance and support you gave me to make these changes.

Not only have I lost 27 kg in one year, my health is now on top . The days are over where I had menstruation pain, was miserable and gained a lot of weight just prior to my mensis.   But not only that, I got also fit again  just recently got tested/measured by my Gym instructor. My body fat is now 300 gr above what it should be. Hurray  I am there.

VMK you are a God given Gift given to me.


Bravo for such a good iris and sclera reading.  You were spot on Veronika - I can't believe the accuracy of what you told me what my eyes revealed; Even I have not told you about it.

One thing for sure I will come back and have regular readings - you changed my mind completly - we can trust the body......and what it tells us......... more then any tools  and  you are a very experienced Practitioner.  All your knowledge and advice has helped me to feel great again.

Thank you from my heart .

W. Smith

Veronika , I am absolute over the moon and so thankful that I met you.
I have turned around so much in my personal and work life and it feels fantastic .
This year has been the biggest roller coaster ride but I feel like it is coming to the last bit of the ride and that's the stragiht run .   Yepee... I have to thank you so much if a certain someone would not have come and visit you - I would still be a fat lazy slob unhappy and with many health problems so I believe.
Thank you with my heart .

A.  Anonymous

I came to Veronika having been recommended by a friend. It was the best decision I have made. I was sick of feeling sick and tired!!  I had been diagnosed with Graves thyroid disease 5 years earlier. I was under the care of an Endocronologist who had me on medication to control the disease. After seeing Veronika she recommended some dietary changes and the Metagenics range of supplements. With Veronika's help and support over the past four months my Endocrinologist has recently taken me off all my thyroid medication.  Along with being medication free I have also lost close to 5kgs!! I feel so much better and am always recommending Veronika to friends and family.

Donna L.

Have you ever felt as if something is just not right in your body?  I did and made an appointment with Veronika.

With Veronika's  years of experience, skill, wisdom and modern technology within just a few days I feel better than I did before.

Looking for answers to WHY you don't feel well?  Today make an appointment with Veronika and your Life, your Health and every aspect of you will THANK-YOU.
In the one consultation.... I walked away with natural remedies to take immediately PLUS understanding on what was really happening with my body.I highly recommend Veronika to EVERYONE.

Sharon Tan

Life Changing Coach and Pastor

I would like to share my story as I am sure that my family is not alone when dealing with our children's behaviour.

My 7 year old son has shown quite challenging behaviour since he was a toddler. Over tha last few months he has been emotional, aggressive and generally very moody which caused a lot of stress within our family and problems at school. My husband and I just didn't know how to handle these mood swings and we were so bewildered as nothing we did seemed to help him.

I decided to call Veronika as she has successfully treated me on previous occasions with various ailments.

Veronika's diagnosis just made so much sense and it was such a relief when we started his treatment as we could see a change within a few days. Now 2 months later my son is completely different child. He is calm, happy and a joy to be around and he is now enjoying his life as every child should and so are we.

Thanks Veronika

Julie Kinsey

This is my story about Veronika Kimmich, a naturopath who really cares about helping people. A family friend achieved success through treatment by Veronika for severe migraines. I then decided to seek her help for burning and bloating in the stomach and very severe excema symptoms on my hands.

Through iridology Veronika was able to diagnose the problem and one week after my first visit I noticed positive improvements. Three weeks after diagnosis - a change in diet and herbal supplements have changed my life. I am happier, have heaps of energy, I have lost 3kgs and the symptoms I was experiencing have almost disappeared. Thanks Veronika for making me smile again. For me the results have been amazing.

PS: As a result of all my optometrist confirmed me that I no long need prescription glasses after having them for over 10 years.


Think the secret to Veronika's treatment is that she treats your whole life. The way she does this is by imparting her knowledge onto you so you can make choices in your life when you step outside her office. That way you can have better thoughts, lifestyle, exercise, social life, sleep, holidays as well as your food and vitamin intake. Her knowledge alone is an amazing help, but to take it with you is the blessing.

D. Lerch

I hired Veronika as a Naturopath in 2007, and hired Veronika more than once. We as a family have received many benefits from Veronika's gift. From the hassle free conception of our two very healthy daughters to assisting us maintain our lifestyle choice in an holistic approach. If Veronika doesn't know or isn't 100% sure she researches it. I've always felt confident in her diagnosis and treatment methods, using both Bowen technique and herbal medicines to mention a couple.

A. Ostrofski

Veronika is a highly trained professional and her knowledge in her field is outstanding. She genuinely cares for her clients and produces amazing results. I have recommended Veronika to many of my friends and relatives.

Merrilyn N

Hi Veronika,Its Melanie Wheaton here, I came to see you before I had my baby. I ended up having to be induced still, but once they broke my waters it was only 3hrs 15minutes until he was born, very quick (was the labour formula made to assist during child birth as well, to make it faster? becuase it was very nice and quick, and I didnt need the epidural or other drugs, fantastic!!). Liam was born on the 26th May at 6:15pm, he weighed 9lbs, 2oz and was 56cm long. He is a really placid baby, its been great so far! I have attached a picture too.

Thanks for your help and knowledge the supplements are great.