Naturopath North Brisbane & Redcliffe Peninsula



We offer 15 min free chat with the Naturopath before you make your appointment.


We want to make sure that you are happy with what we can offer to you.
I am dedicated and love to support you improving your overall health and well-being.

Your first appointment.

First question :  What is important to you what would you like to discuss and improve.

Medical history and current blood test results if available.

Signs and symptoms of your current state

Photos  of your iris and the white of the eyes ( Sclera ) will be taken and discussed. 

What we see in your Eyes and sclera 

All considered , we are collecting data and putting all this togehter like little puzzle peaces . If any doubtful area we may consider or suggest to do further testing or working together with your existing health practitioners.

At the end of the one and half hour session we will have a good understanding where you are at and what we are going to do about it.

Follow up appointments depend completly on the outcome and how frequently you want to come.  


First Initial Consultation  1 hour 30 minutes  $210

Follow Up appointment  60 minutes               $130 

30 Min                                                                 $ 90

15 Min.                                                                $ 60 

Bowen Treatment       up to 45 Min.                 $ 90 

after hours  ( after 5 pm )  or Saturday   additional $ 30 added





The above fees do not include any medications.

  • Visa,MasterCard and EFTPOS are accepted
  • Private Health Fund Rebates are not anymore claimable for Naturopathy  Australia wide.
  • For your first visit:Please bring a list of your current medication/supplementation and any relevant blood test results or scan
  • Cancelation policy :  Please be so kind and notify us at least 24 hours prior via phone call or text only.
  • We are always happy to reschedule your appointment,but please give us notice so someone else can take your place.
  • Be aware, any products you bought cannot be exchanged if you opened them.