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Bowen and Myo therapy in North Brisbane 

  • Soft Tissue Treatment
  •  Bowen Therapy
  •  Remedial Massage
  •  Myofascial Therapy
  •  CranioSacrum Therapy
  •  Touch for Health
  •  Exercise Program
We select the right treatment for you or you can choose any of the above.
Veronika has been specialized in muscular skeletal problems and has many years of experience from overseas and Australia. Veronika's  background of Physio therapy and work experience in a German Hospital under the instruction of Professor Dr. Luebken provides a very sound understanding in this field.

MYO fascial  Release Therapy

Myofascial Release Therapy alleviates pain and restores function, motion and comfort to the body. The term “myofascial ” refers to the muscles and connective tissue that surround muscle groups and compartmentalize the different parts of the body.
Myofascial Release Therapy treats poor posture, physical injury, illness and stress that can all throw off the delicate balance of the patients fascia network. Through stretching and massaging, the therapist manipulates the patients body to restore the function and movement of the body's fascia network. The fascia network links all the body's organs and tissue and its state is reflected in the rest of the body – often manifesting as muscle soreness, pressure on bones, illness and discomfort.

By restoring the fascia network to a healthy state Myofascial Release Therapy alleviates an assortment of ailments, such as lumbar pain, back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibrosis, chronic headaches, vertigo, cervical pain, whiplash, birth and abuse trauma, chronic pain as well as many others.


Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a gentle non- invasive soft tissue treatment, in which the practitioner performs a series of deliberate hands on techniques on specific parts of the patients body to achieve cross fibre muscle release. Bowen therapy employs a holistic approach, and aims at curing an ailment by treating the cause as well as by regarding the body as a whole. Bowen therapy is commonly used to treat whiplash, joint problems such as Tennis elbow, knee pain, shoulder arm syndrome, neck and back pain, Sciatica, Scoliosis, jaw problems and is also successful in treating bed wetting, colic, digestive problems, and menstrual complaints, Migraines, headaches, TMJ and many more.