Welcome to the home
of VMK Naturopath
North Brisbane

Welcome to the home of
VMK Naturopath
North Brisbane

Welcome to the home of VMK Naturopath
North Brisbane

Here at VMK Naturopath, North of Brisbane we are inspired and
committed to creating an integrated, effective and consistent preventative treatment plan that
delivers health-promoting solutions to all ages.

My Mission:

  • Promoting the most effective strategies to prevent disease, both evidence-based and time proven natural therapy   services.
  • Building a bridge between orthodox and complementary medicine and most of all :
  • Helping you to find answers, improving your current state and allowing you to become the Best version of yourself.

VMK Natural Therapies was established in 1988 in Caboolture by Veronika Kimmich, after emigrating from Europe and starting a new life with two children and a husband  here in Australia

Veronika feels blessed to be able to help children and adults of all ages.

Naturopathy can shine, when you look at the diversity what we can offer .

  • We take time to get to know you right from the beginning.
  • We spend time to see patterns of your past,
  • we look at your pathology,
  • we look at your genetic patterns in your iris ,
  • we can order more functional testing, if needed:
  • You will be my number one priority, I listen to your needs and support you and guide you with my 30 years experience to help you find answers and improvement in all aspects of you health and well-being.
You can book sessions with Veronika in her clinic at Redcliffe - Peninsula, Margate Beach Qld 4019

If it is too far to come, Skype may be a great way to connect and also have the benefits to talk to an experienced practitioner with the convenience of being at your own home.


As a mother of 2 and Naturopath/Medical herbalist for over 30 years I can help with a range of childhood concerns and diseases

Iridology can be used to determine potential health problems and gives you an opportunity to prevent illness and maintain your wellness

Our clinic provides a comprehensive dispensary including nutritional supplements, herbal medicines in a variety of preparations

Veronika has been specialised in muscular skeletal problems and has many years of experience from overseas and Australia

I've attached our announcement of our bub. Still ended up being induced, but labour was very smooth, bub is very calm and relaxed and breast feeding is going tremendously!

The Arrival of Amirah - Melanie

From a lung cancer client who just undergone Chemo and parallell visited the clinic and made drastic changes :Hi Veronika, just wanted to let you know the tumour has shrunk of the aretery and the top of my left lung has re-inflated working once again.Thanks to all our good work and herbs, so thank you for all your input. Makes life worth while.