Naturopath North Brisbane & Redcliffe

We offer 15 Minutes Free Consultation to New Clients. 

We want to make sure that you are happy with us and what you are getting from us.
You can call us or arrange a time to come in personal so we make sure that I am the right Person for you. 100 % commitment to you that I am dedicated to get you in a better state of health. How does this sound ?

At your first Initial appointment your medical history is taken, including your family and social history and details of your diet and lifestyle. Depending on your concerns,  pictures of your iris and sclera will be taken.  This is a big advantage to any other practitioner who can only rule out one thing after another, here instead we are asking your body - your eyes what are they expressing and the meaning of it is then easily converted either further investigation via Blood test or scans  ............... or we decide to go ahaed as it all makes sense and deliver a healthcare plan which may include dietary advice and specific natural medicines as well as lifestyle changes.

Follow up appointments are usually at fortnightly or monthly intervals, this will depend on the condition being treated and the method of treatment used.

Initial First consultation 1 hour

$  160

Initial First Consultation Extended 1 h 30min

$  200

Follow Up Consultation Up To 30 Minutes

$  75

Muscular Skeletal Treatment Up To 40 Minutes

$  90

Short consultations can also be arranged. You can choose a time from 15/3O/45/60 minutes.

After hours (after 5pm) can be arranged but strict cancellation terms apply to all services.

We honour your referrals. So please mention the name of who referred to us.


  • The above fees do not include any medications.
  • Visa,MasterCard and EFTPOS are accepted
  • Private Health Fund Rebates are not anymore claimable for Naturopathy  Australia wide.
  • For your first visit:Please bring a list of your current medication/supplementation and any relevant blood test results or scan
  • Cancelation policy :  Please be so kind and notify us at least 24 hours prior we are always happy to reschedule your appointment but please give us notice so someone else can take your place.
  • Be aware, any products you bought cannot be exchanged after you opened them. No refund for any opened products.