Integrated Health care in North Brisbane & Redcliffe Peninsula



Veronika M Kimmich

Boosts nationally and international recognised qualifications which set her apart from her competitors.
Her experience in health, sciences, diagnoses and outcomes spans across 3o years of clinical practice.


Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy  

Graduated Diploma - Medical Herbalist  



Post graduate European Iridology - Member of the IIPA ( International Iridology Practitioner Association )

Qualified Sclerologist -approved by Dr Leonard Mehlmauer of Grand medicine of the U.S

Strategic Interventionist .  Life coach . Board certified  by the Anthony Robbins and Chloe Madane Training US.

Veronika regularly attends research forums with one of the world's leaders in approved natural products and pathology testing .Her skills and expertise are acknowledged by her peers, clients and medical profession. These forums ensure  that you can benefit from the latest industry developments and that your health is in safe hands.