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Natural Health North Brisbane & Peninsula

VMK Naturopath
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Naturopathy for Healthy kids in Brisbane and Surrounds. 

Diet and Nutrition are the Base for growing into healthy Adults.
No one taught mum or dad really what is right or wrong and most parents just do what they know or what is advertised on TV or what is convenient and quick as so many things nowadays it is about time and money.

Reality is, you can save a lot of money and also lots of tears if you know right from the beginning.

As a mother of two and Naturopath/ Medical herbalist for over 3o years I am offering you support in all your children's disease and children concerns.
Diet, Nutrition but also Anxiety and stress problems in children are nowadays daily occurring problems.
Be assured to get advice and comfort to be able to choose what is right for you and your children.

Childhood food allergies are common in Brisbane. We offer a range of options for identifying and managing food intolerance and allergies.

From diarrhea to constipation, colic, wheezing, eczema and rashes..., flue prevention and immunity - we support you to improve your Childs immunity and health.

Behaviour problems can be quit stressful for the parents - getting early advise before it becomes a habit and early intervention with absolute Natural solution is one of the Best outcomes you can have.

Having a regular check-up once or twice a year would be so much easier than waiting for the problem to occur.  I hope we talk soon.


Healthy Ageing and Chronic disease Prevention

* Maintaining healthy blood pressure * maintaining healthy cholesterol * Healthy heart * Cardio vascular protection * Chronic Inflammation * Brain health *Cancer support.

It is our desire to help prevent chronic disease .

Choosing preventative Health care instead of waiting until something goes wrong.
We cannot always increase the number of years you live but we can certainly  improve your life quality while you live.

Ask for our Healthy Aging Program and or our Wellness program so you can be assured that you living life to the fullest potential .  What are you waiting for?